JCGR Japan Corporate Governance Research Institute

JCGR contributes to the development of a liberal economy through enhanced understanding of corporate governance.

What is new?

Japan Corporate Governance Research Institute has launched2019.07.01

On July 1, 2019, JCGR became independent of CG-Net. As an independent organization, JCGR pursues sharpened focus on research and educational activities in the area of corporate governance in Japan.

2019 JCGR Corporate Governance Survey2019.07.01

Under Abenomics’ corporate governance reform, corporate governance initiatives and attitudes toward it among Japanese companies have undergone major changes. Corporate governance in Japan has moved from the introduction stage of instilling awareness and understanding to incorporation, reinforcement and sustenance. Given the evolutionary stages, JCGR is consistently redefining its JCGIndex through renewal and revisions of the survey content.

2019 JCGR Corporate Governance Implementation Schedule

September 2 Questionnaire dispatch

September 30 Response deadline

November 1 Preliminary report

December 1 Final report

The 2019 questionnaire will be dispatched by mail to companies listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. All responding companies will be advised individually of their respective corporate governance evaluation gained through the survey results. The first-cut overall statistical characteristics gained through all survey responses will be made public on the JCGR website, then will be followed by a final report.

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