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JCGIndex Survey Report

New!  The Report of 2023JCGIndex Survey (the 21st)  was published on February 15, 2024. The company lists will be soon.


Phase II (2019 – ) Survey Report

Phase I (2002-2017) Survey Report

 The 16th Survey(2017)  2017Questionnaire-en
 2017Interim Report-en
 2017Report-en 2017Respondents-en 2017Top-en
 The 15th Survey(2016)  2016Interim Report-en   2016Report-en 2016Respondents-en 2016Top-en
 The 14th Survey(2015)  2015Interim Report-en  2015Report-en 2015Respondents-en 2015Top-en
 The 13th Survey(2014)  2014Interim Report-en  2014Report-en 2014Respondents-en 2014Top-en
 The 12th Survey(2013)  2013Interim Report-en  2013Report-en 2013Respondents-en 2013Top-en
 The 11th Survey(2012)  2012Interim Report-en  2012Report-en 2012Respondents-en 2012Top-en
 The 10th Survey(2011)  2011Interim Report-en  2011Report-en 2011Respondents-en 2011Top-en
 The 9th Survey(2010)  2010Interim Report-en  2010Report-en 2010Respondents-en 2010Top-en
 The 8th Survey(2009)  2009Summary&Recommendations-en  2009Report-en 2009Respondents-en 2009Top-en
 The 7th Survey(2008)  2008Summary&Recommendations-en  2008Report-en 2008Respondents-en 2008Top-en
 The 6th Survey(2007)  2007Summary&Recommendations-en  2007Report-en  2007Respondents-en 2007Top-en
 The 5th Survey(2006)  2006Summary&Recommendations-en  2006Report-en 2006Respondents-en 2006Top-en
 The 4th Survey(2005)  2005Summary&Recommendations-en  2005Report-en 2005Respondents-en 2005Top-en
 The 3rd Survey(2004)  2004Summary&Recommendations-en  2004Report-en
2004Respondents-en 2004Top-en
 The 2nd Survey(2003)  2003Summary&Recommendations-en  2003Report-en
2003Respondents-en 2003Top-en
 The 1st Survey(2002)  N/A  N/A N/A N/A
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